Monday, January 19, 2009

Auto Show

I went to the Auto Show yesterday at the Cobo Center with my dad and my uncle Mike. It seems to have become an annual event for us as we have gone every year since I was nine. The exception was of course last year when we went to the show in NYC. It was very low key this year. Probably due to the black cloud that hangs over the auto industry. There were lots of hybrids and electric cars on display and very few gas guzzling SUV's. I took notice of the new Camaro and the new Mustang. My dad was salivating over both. They had one of those smart cars on display. I swear it looks like one of those plastic battery powered cars that little kids cruise around in. Some of the pics are below this post. I had to make a big sacrifice yesterday to go to the show. I was invited to an indoor ride at James Anderson's house and couldn't get back home in time. I was a little peeved I couldn't make it, but I'm sure there will be plenty of other rides to go to. It would've been nice to meet everybody. Anyway, the plan for today is to spend some time on the trainer. I've got plenty of motivational music to burn my leg muscles to. Peace!!!

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