Friday, May 30, 2008


Well our team won it's first game today bringing our record to 1-2. I sat on the bench in regular clothes today being that it would be difficult to change into my uniform. We got a strong outing from Justin Miller today who pitched the whole game. He struck out 5 and only walked one batter. If I forget to mention Dan's homerun then I'll be beheaded. He hit a two-run shot in the 4th to give us the lead for good. The final score was 6-2.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Missed Calls

While I was in Michigan, two of the coaches called to see how I was doing. That was nice of them. One of them was Dee (I think that's how she spells it). She's the one who gives those classes I've gone to. I called her back to thank her for calling and to see how everyone is doing. She's giving another class next week on advanced fundamentals so I really want to go.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Home Again

We had a really bumpy ride coming home today. There were some thunderstorms around the New York area that made for a pretty interesting descent. I don't mind some turbulence, I actually look forward to some. I know I'm weird. My mother on the other hand canno handle it. Let's just say my wrist still has finger marks branded into it from her clutching me so tightly. I need to remind myself to bring one of those stress things you squeeze so she doesn't cut the circulation off to my hand next time. We had to circle the airport a few times because of the delays from the weather so there was plenty of wrist clenching going on.

Before we left for the airport, my parents showed me the house they were looking at on Saturday. It was nice, not to mention in the same school zone that I used to be in. It was a nice trip. I felt bad for my friends though. I was like a third wheel not being able to do any physical activities. Oh well, the next time I see them I'll probably be back permanently and in 100% physical shape. I did see a lot of riders out on the roads which brought a smile to my face.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Indiana Jones

We decided on seeing Kingdom of the Crystal Skull instead of Narnia. The movie was pretty good. I was expecting a lot of CGI, but was pleasantly surprised that they kept it to a minimum. It felt a lot like the other three movies that way. Harrison Ford can still bring it but is starting to show his age. All in all it was an enjoyable film so go see it if you haven't already.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Comic Relief

I'm telling you trouble follows me wherever I go. I was dropped off at my friend Jason's house this morning and right away something stupid has to happen. I go and sit on the couch in their living room and their dog, Sammy, jumps up and sits next to me. Sammy always liked me and apparently he remembers me. Needless to say something caught his attention...the string hanging from my sling. And of course he has to go and yank it with his mouth. I can't catch a break.

We're going to see Indiana Jones or Prince Caspian tonight. Not sure which one we're in the mood for. Tomorrow is supposed to be lousy here so we're probably going to the mall.

New Home?

I think my parents found a house. I didn't see it I was staying at the hotel, but from what I hear it's not far from my old house.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Getting Ready

I had my bandages removed today and I can somewhat move my arm now. I still have to keep my arm in a sling for another couple of weeks. When I come back I have to start a minor rehab program. Oh boy that sounds like fun. I'm not sure if I'll get the chance to post tomorrow and that means I probably won't be on my blog until Sunday or Monday. For those who want to annoy me, you can still e-mail me. I'll be checking that with my dad's phone. Have a nice Memorial Day weekend everyone.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Still Leaving Friday Night

My dad was thinking I shouldn't go with them this weekend to Michigan. I protested and somehow convinced him to take me with them. I have no more pain and feel much much better than I did on Thursday and Friday. So therefore I'm going. I might be a bit bored on Saturday and Sunday while they're out looking at houses so I'll have to bring some form of entertainment. I'll be staying with my friend Jason when his family gets back from Cincinnati Sunday night. I miss Michigan. New York is great but there's just something missing here and I can't put my finger on it.

1 Month?

I just realized that school is over in a month. Man I can't believe how fast it went by.

Kicked Out

I have not been able to access my blog since yesterday afternoon. For some reason it wouldn't let me log in. Not that I have anything to write about anyway.

Monday, May 19, 2008

My Own Personal Assistant

I went to the school nurse first thing this morning because she has to know when you have a physical "inability". I was given the opportunity to have someone help me carry my books and stuff to each of my classes. Hahaha. The person I select gets a special pass allowing them to be late to their class. For antagonization purposes I picked Dan for most of the day. However, this nice girl Jen in my Earth Science class volunteered to help for two periods. Thanks Jen! I tried to push the envelope a little by making Dan fetch me lunch but that didn't play out too well and I was basically told to get it myself. LOL!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Expanding My Musical Horizons

I've been looking to broaden my musical tastes. Being that I really dislike today's popular "music", I'm interested in discovering something new (or old). My dad is the one who got me into classic rock and metal, however I need some more rock to listen to. Any suggestions?

Fast Food

I am not usually one to eat fast food. My mom brought me home Wendy's today. I haven't had this in a long time and I can see why. You feel like utter garbage after you eat it. It's no wonder heart disease is the #1 killer in this country. Every once and a while I'm good for a serious post.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


My new best friend is the Discovery Channel. They had a program on for the cycling junkie. They toured through several different bicycle manufacturers and showed their different product lineups. Can you guess which one they spent the most time on? Thanks Lance. Trek is very secretive and won't let anyone deep into their catacombs. Talk about paranoid. That held me over for an hour, but I'm seriously bored. Help!

Neverending Sleep

I have never slept so much in my entire life. I literally missed half of Thursday and pretty much all of Friday. I have been taking some kind of medicine to nullify the slight pain I have and it's been making me very groggy. Surgery went well. It was actually quite quick and I was home before I knew it. The doctor told my mom that the tear was not too bad and that it will heal quite fast with the proper rehab. I have completely no use of my right arm. It's locked in place by several thousands of bandages and a splint. The worst part about this is that I have to sleep in an inclined position so that my arm is resting on lots of pillows. Having to type and use the mouse with my left hand is taking forever.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wish Me Luck

Today's the day! I'm actually looking forward to it now. In the long run I'll be happy I did it.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Coming Home

I'll be back in Ann Arbor for Memorial Day weekend. I have off from school that Monday and Tuesday so I'm looking forward to it. I'm starting to get jittery about tomorrow, it's bothering me.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Better than Expected

I went for a pre-surgery exam today after school. Basically, it was just a 30 minute lecture from my doctor explaining the procedure and the rehablitation aspects. I have to sit up for this stupid surgery. But I won't necessarily have to be awake. Good put me to sleep, I don't want to see or feel anything. I will be walking around with a sling and bandages for about a month. My doctor is promising me that I'll be fully healed before the end of the summer so that makes me a little happier. I'm gonna be bored, so I'm apologizing ahead of time if my blog gets really really boring (if it hasn't already).

Saturday, May 10, 2008

First Game...and an AB!

Yesterday was the first game of the season for my high school baseball team, the T-Birds. I, of course, did not pitch. I was mostly an observer but was in uniform and on the bench with my teammates. And yes, I was decked out in full Under Armour gear again. We kind of got slapped around pretty badly the first two innings. I guess you kinda get a feel for what's gonna happen when the other team scores 4 in the first inning. Our pitcher, Justin Miller, threw 112 pitches and was gone by the 4th inning. My coach wanted to get me in the game knowing I may not be able to play the rest of the year, so I pinch hit for Justin who was completely spent.

Here's the situation: Man on first, 1 out, we're down by 5, and I'm batting lefty to face the right-handed pitcher. I went to the plate thinking I may not get another chance to swing the bat this year. That mentality resulted in me swinging at the first pitch which I never do. Great, now I'm behind 0-1. I take the next pitch and he threw a strike at my knees. 0-2 even better. The next two pitches he throws me are breaking balls of some kind and they both end up in the dirt. 2-2. I'm now ready for a fastball up, which he kindly throws me, and I rip it....foul. He then tries to outsmart me and throws another one of those breaking balls towards my ankles, sorry, I'm not buying that. 3-2. He then throws me two straight fastballs right over the plate, and I foul them both off. What's next, hmmmmm, maybe another breaker. Nope, it's a fastball and it was way too high. Hey I drew a walk. We unfortunately couldn't get a rally going and the inning ended on a pop up to the pitcher and a ground out. We lost 9-4. All in all I am happy with having no official at-bat and an on-base percentage of 1.000.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


I'm scheduled to go for a pre-surgery exam on Monday. I don't know what that means but I'm a little nervous about the surgery itself. These sort of things don't usually bother me but for some reason this has been on my mind. I have been feeling pretty good though so maybe that's an indication it will heal fast. I can only hope.

Allergy Season

I've been miserable the past two days with the pollen flying around everywhere. Nothing but sneezing and sinus congestion. We finally had some nice weather here yesterday but once again the rain came back. That seems to be the forecast for the next few days as well. I want to be outside not jailed inside.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Aftermath

It was sunny and warm today so naturally I wore short sleeves to school. I don't know how many times someone asked me why my arm was black and blue. It's funny having to describe to non-cyclists what rollers are. They just can't seem to get a mental image in their head. Man I really need to get some sun!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Battle Scars (Hardly a Battle)

Ok I did something really stupid today. A few weeks ago my dad picked me up a set of rollers. They've just been sitting around and I've only attempted them a couple of times. Well today after school I thought it would be a good time to get the hang of them. So I proceeded to set them up in the middle of my doorway for comfort purposes. I jump onto my bike and it pretty much took me a couple of attempts to get used to not riding on pavement. OK not bad so far. Well, the house phone rings and it was for me so my mom shouted my name and I turned my head (a natural response to someone calling your name from behind.) I learned the hard way to not lose focus because WHAM! I keeled over and bashed my arm against the door frame to prevent me from falling all the way down to the floor. I now have the brightest shade of purple and a hint of yellow from my wrist down to my elbow. Sad considering I wasn't even moving. I'm starting to collect a list of Jeff's stupid blunders. There was one good thing that came out of this, a pain free shoulder workout!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Will It Ever Stop?

I have not seen the sun since last weekend. I'm not a fan of spending my weekends indoors.

Some more people were over this morning looking at the house. I guess it's a good thing that we have had a steady amount of people coming. My parents are really worried they won't be able to sell the house. I'm assuming it's because of the really poor economy. Oh great I sound like my history teacher.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Another Rainy Day in New York City

Yeah it rained again today. We had a nice team meeting / luncheon. There must've been like 50 or 60 people. A lot of them showed up to eat the buffet packed with french toast and scrambled eggs. We were allowed to bring a guest so naturally I brought my partner in crime Dan. We ate like no tomorrow clearing a whole tray of french toast. It was nice, they apparently do this a few times during the year to get everyone together. My dad tried surprising us by taking us to Yankee Stadium. However, we arrived at 1:00 and we couldn't get three seats together, It's a shame because I would've liked watching Mike Mussina dismantle the Mariners offense.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


It appears I'm getting out of New York at the right time. The Tigers are catching fire.