Saturday, December 27, 2008

Nice Holiday

My family had a very nice Christmas. All of our relatives from Michigan, New York, and Florida came to our house. This was the first time all of us were together in a few years. Including myself, there were 13 kids present. I, for once, was not the oldest of the kids. My cousin Thomas, who is 16, came from Kalamazoo. It was awesome, all of the youngins were gravitating toward him rather than myself. However, i was at the bottom of a dogpile. I was chilling on the floor with my dog, when his royal highness Ryan shouted "Tackle Him!!" Then ten or so overly hyper kids jumped me. Not a very lovely feeling gasping for air. Those moronic family portraits we took at Sears a couple of weeks ago made their grand appearance over the fireplace. Apparently they were a hit with the adults. The kids beg to differ. I made out pretty well. I asked for an iPod touch and received an iPhone instead. I haven't had a chance to play around with it too much but it seems pretty cool. Naturally I received plenty of cycling stuff. My uncle replaced my broken down trainer with a shiny new one. Thanks Uncle Mike! I also received new gloves (my hands were busting out of my old ones), and new sunglasses. Pretty sweet. I'll tally everything up and make a post. Just having everyone together made the holiday fun. When all of us are together, fun is guaranteed. My mom and my aunt Helen were dancing to Van Halen in the middle of the living room and making complete fools of themselves. I've got that on video. Anyway, I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. There's still one more holiday to go!

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