Thursday, April 10, 2008

Good Riding

It was 72 today and man was I itching to go for a ride when I was in school today. When I came home, I didn't even hit the john. I quickly changed and myself and Chris went out riding. I wanted to see how long I could ride before the pain of my shoulder set in. Today was pretty good, probably because I've been laying off the arm. I am somewhat ambidextrous for those who don't know, so I've been doing everything with my left arm. We had a little problem on one of the side streets not far from my house. Apparently the road crew was repairing potholes and left behind some extra "filler" for us to ride through. Not exactly the smoothest of surfaces to be riding on but I got a kick out of the slalom effect we were putting to use. All in all I felt ok and believe if I continue to take it easy I won't have to opt for surgery just yet. I just downed a whole row of tagalongs (girl scout cookies) so I'm feeling kind of lousy but man they're good!

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