Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Good Trip

I had fun this weekend but it went by too fast. I caught up with a bunch of my old friends and some of my family too. There's nothing like a family gathering at California Pizza Kitchen. This is like the only place everybody enjoys. My dad's business meetings went really well and he's very optimistic this will turn into something big for him/us. While I was hanging out at a friends house my parents went looking at houses. They found a couple of places that caught their interest, but I don't think any that they really really liked. They are definitely looking to move back to Ann Arbor though which would be awesome. It looks like June/July is when we'll make the move. Deja vu. I'm a little torn though, I must admit, I will miss some of the friends I've made here in New York. It's nice to finally be able to post on my blog whenever I want.

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