Sunday, August 24, 2008

Good Competition

My cousins and I held our first Guitar Hero Tournament last night. For a nine year old, Andy can hold his own against us older (and wiser) guys. I've never seen someone's fingers move that fast. He was blowing us away with GNR's Welcome to the Jungle and also Iron Maiden's The Number of the Beast. Ryan brought his A game with Aerosmith's Same Old Song and Dance. Still nobody can touch me with Journey's Any Way You Want It which I played flawlessly. Andy was crowned the victor in the end.

Tomorrow is supposed to be really nice, so along with my dad (who has the day off), I am taking Ryan out biking. We're leaving really early and I know it's going to be a project getting him out of bed. He's supposedly really getting into cycling so that makes me ecstatic. I want to see him in action. He's been treating my old Cannondale well.

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