Wednesday, December 26, 2007

So whatcha get?

Leave a post with what Santa brought you. I'm having a problem posting my pictures again.


Jeff said...

So far:

1. New bike jersey and bibs (Pearl Izumi)
2. Sunglasses (I look like a mosquito when I wear them)
3. Lacoste winter hat (I think it's called a beanie)
4. Ties (Don't ask)
5. Under Armour shirt & fleece
6. New bike? (no word on this one yet)
7. Bike shoes (I was given a raincheck on this one)

Jeff said...

my cousin Ryan made out like a bandit. Playstation 3 with Rock Band bundle and who know's how many other games.

jayhawk said...

1. Clothes (clothes)
2. More clothes (clothes)
3. I too got rock band (awesome)
4. Grandparents got me guitar hero
5. Even more clothes (clothes)

Question: What is bibs?

Jeff said...

Questions: Are you mocking me with your parenthesis?

What is the obsession everyone has with guitar hero and rock band? I get more gratification from playing a real instrument.

What is bibs? LOL. What a way with words you have. Wikipedia it.

jayhawk said...

Of course i'm mocking you. i enjoy teasing you. rock band and guitar hero bring friends closer together. i can't find bibs on wikipedia. i know you where one when you eat lobster or when you're a baby.

Jeff said...

Oh man you're killing me. We are getting completely off-topic here. First off, what does "brings friends closer together" mean? Never mind I don't want to know. As for bibs...try checking this link out:

James Anderson said...

Rock Band is a really awesome game.