Saturday, January 12, 2008

Free dinner

Something has to lure me to school for me to be there on a Saturday night. Not only was it a meeting with the coaches for baseball, but it was the sight of free pizza and salad. Jackpot! I managed to sucker my friend Dan Williams into trying out for baseball with me and between the two of us, I think we cleared a whole pie and a bowl of salad. Funny how food does crazy things to people.

A roster went around the gym for attendance purposes and to write what position you'd like to play. Dan and I were so busy by the food table that we were the last to sign in. I was shocked to see that only one other kid was trying out for pitcher on the junior varsity team. I kept asking tonight why we were doing this in January and got no answer from everybody I asked. There's a nice bunch of other kids trying out so it looks like it'll be a good team.


Jayhawk said...

What's the name of the team?

Jeff said...