Monday, February 11, 2008

Indoor Soccer Part II

Jeff = Not Happy

Why must a new week start off this way. It was like 15 degrees today, so no sports outside. If you remember my previous escapades with this ad-libbed gym activity, you'll know I'm none too fond of indoor soccer. I'll repeat it again, soccer is meant to be played on grass not on polished wood floors. When my gym teacher announced we were playing this, of course the whole class looked at me and grinned. Now this time I decided to play goalie since I didn't feel like running back and forth in the gym making scuff marks with my sneakers. I figured I'd have an advantage since I have long arms. Before I get into this, keep in mind that I am blessed with fast reflexes.

So we're playing and I'm actually doing well in front of the net. I blocked two attempts from this one kid who nobody likes. Anyway, my friend Dan (who plays soccer on real grass) attempts to kick one by me. Those fast reflexes I spoke of earlier must've been on vacation. He hit me so hard in the gut with the ball I saw my ancestors. If that ball was just an inch or so lower, let's just say I'd be a permanent falsetto. Why do these stupid things always happen to me? Was I put on this Earth for comic relief? At least Dan was nice enough to come over and ask if I was alright. Unlike when I fell on my behind and everyone just froze and laughed. I will get even, mark my words!

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