Friday, February 29, 2008

Pretty Good Day

Today was a good day to wrap up the week. My teacher's assigned very little homework for me this weekend. More free time for me. And of course it's Friday and that's always a good thing. The best part of the day came at 2:30, when tryouts began.

I had it on my mind all day and kept playing different scenarios in my head. Does my arm hold up or does it give out. I know, I think too much. After some stretching and some warm ups, we went outside onto the field. Yeah, it was 28 degrees today. Luckily we were only outside for 45 minutes. But, I had to show my stuff on the rubber. I was second behind this kid who did pretty well, but he was having a hard time keeping the ball down. I step up there and of course the nerves are getting to me. I fire off a few practice throws to get the blood flowing to the arm and then I really let it fly. To my surprise, the arm felt good. No major pain, just the occasional sting/twinge every now and then. To top it off I was hitting my spots, with a few scuds thrown in the mix. One ended up in the dirt, but hey, it was down not up. Man it felt good to throw the ball again. The coach seemed pretty happy with me, but we found out these were just preliminary tryouts and that we'll be doing this again March 21st. Dan did well too. I was keeping an eye on him to make sure he didn't nail anyone in the gut with a ball or anything. Oh right, he only does that in indoor soccer. I just got home about 20 minutes ago and it's supposed to snow tonight with us getting like 6 inches so I'm staying home and relaxing.


James Anderson said...

Are you racing tomorrow?

Jeff said...

No unfortunately. I'd like to but I'm signed up for April 6th for the spring series. My first race is March 29th with the team.