Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Getting Ready

I'm ready to go. A lot of my stuff has been shipped off to Ann Arbor. My bike fortunately is staying with me till the bitter end. I've been on it everyday except today due to torrential downpours. I have been extremely busy this week so far. I got my grades in the mail and I did extremely well on all my tests. I'm proud of myself considering the situation I was in this year. I've been hanging out with everyone under the sun as well. We held a Guitar Hero tournament at Chris' house yesterday and I took everyone to town. We are holding the final tournament on Saturday at the pool party. It's been just my dad and I for a week now so we've been eating out a lot. I took the above picture tonight on the way home from dinner. I'll have fond memories of this road since I must've paced it a thousand times. A good eye can spot the fairly new cyclist friendly lane over by the shoulder.


Chris Murphy said...

Yeah yeah just wait until Saturday!

Jeff said...

Bring it on!