Friday, March 21, 2008


Today was the last set of tryouts for baseball. It was also the day we find out if we made the team. The weather was a bit more bearable this time around. I was competing against two others for the starting pitchers spot. One of the guys I've kind of become friendly with because he's in my Earth Science class. He did well today and that made me nervous. The other guy I don't know and he did ok. In addition to pitching, I had to show the coach how I hit and field too. The pitching went well, no scuds into the dirt this time. The hitting and fielding left a little to be desired. Pop ups are no problem, line drives are. And I booted a fair share of them. My shoulder seems to be fully healed as I didn't have any discomfort or stinging at all. After about 2.5 hours on the field we went into the gym and sat in the bleachers to wait to hear our names alphabetical order. I hated this. I was so nervous waiting until he got to the K's. Sure enough, he called my name. Yeah baby! Dibs on #24. I felt so bad for Dan. At least my last name is in the middle of the alphabet, his is the dead last. LOL! But he made the team too. And not by nailing anyone in the chest (sorry Dan, I'll never let you live that down). About twelve kids got cut and I truly felt bad for them. I have a heart in my chest unlike some of the other kids. I will be pitching and Dan will be playing 1st base. Bring on the first team!

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